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Benefits of
Reconnective Healing

* Powerful - In person or over distance, healing is equally strong

* Healing for yourself or a loved one who is suffering

* Heals on all levels of body, mind, spirit

* Restores balance, harmony and wholeness in your life.

* Assists in finding purpose & divine blueprint.

* Many attract their soul mate.

* Connects you with your Higher Self, the source of inspiration.

"Keala has been working with my 14 year old Autistic daughter for about a year, now, and the differences we see in Iris are amazing. She is more relaxed, cooperative and open to the world around her than ever before. What a blessing - thank you so much Keala!"

- Carole Cherry
Sonoma, CA

Benefits of
Distant Healing for Pets

* Easy - No need to travel with your sick pet

* Flexible - We schedule to fit your busy life

* Comfortable - You and your pet stay at home

* Relaxed - No stranger to unsettle your pet

* Holistic - You too will receive the healing frequencies

* Cost effective

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of Reconnective Healing
with Keala Gerhard

"I so deeply admire and respect your obvious healing abilities.... I have seen first-hand your depth of awareness and ability. I love you, brave woman. Aloha"

- Shirley Bell, PhD, Sonoma, CA

This life changing modality, founded by Dr. Eric Pearl, has been featured in the media, including appearances on the Dr. Oz Show and web site.
(click here to watch Dr. Oz be flabberghasted by Reconnective Healing)

Reconnective Healing appears to be a new level of healing – a new form of healing that's here on the planet for the very first time, according to the researchers. It is apparently so comprehensive, so broad and all inclusive that once you begin to interact with these new healing frequencies you are automatically interacting with all the energy frequencies we've ever known of up until now. It automatically includes the frequencies of Reiki, Jin Shin, Johrei, Qi gong, ABC and XYZ etc, because it's more than energy, it includes energy and then expands beyond it, into light and information. The researchers tend to feel that this is the first time that we have had access to this expansive level of healing here on earth.

Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, PHD, professor of medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona and also Director of Development of Energy Healing at Canyon Ranch Resorts.
At Canyon Ranch he presented his research into cutting edge energy healing modalities and he stated that they had found Reconnective Healing to be the most effective energy healing of all those studied so far.
Reconnective Healing is also featured prominently in the interesting documentary movie, The Living Matrix. In the movie Dr. Eric Pearl, who received the frequencies of Reconnective Healing, is shown releasing a young Greek boy from the symptoms of cerebral palsy in just a few minutes.

Live your full potential by reconnecting dormant DNA strands.

  • Did you know that there is a field around your body, created by your DNA, and Reconnective Healing is happening in this field?
  • Did you know that inside our dormant DNA lies all of the information about your life's mission and purpose?
  • Did you know that inside our dormant DNA you have unique untapped spiritual gifts, talents and abilities?
  • Did you know that answers to the most profound questions of our reality are also encoded inside of our dormant DNA?
  • Did you know that our dormant DNA also hold the keys to healing our bodies, minds, hearts, and our entire planet, including all plants and animals who live here?

Did you know that Reconnective Healing is able to reconnect and restructure our dormant DNA?

Most people are still unaware of the hidden power that is stored up inside of them and that this hidden power contains all of the solutions to our greatest challenges on planet earth, both personally and globally.

Learn more about this in Kryon's video DNA Revealed

Read More Testimonials:

"I had the good fortune to read about Keala in a local (Sonoma) magazine and could hardly wait to meet her. As a practitioner of various psychological/somatic/energetic modalities, I knew I had found the missing piece I had been seeking for many years! Reconnective Healing is a unique experience; you never know what will come out of it. What I experienced during my sessions was deep relaxation and an awareness of moving energy around me. But, interestingly, it was a day or two later when it occurred to me that the pain I'd felt in my right hip no longer was there. Then, a few days later, my sometimes weak knee seemed well. Slowly I became aware that much of what happened on the table manifested over a period of days. I hadn't known what to expect but many things began to show up: an improved sense of well-being, a sharper mind, a more positive point of view which led to feeling greater compassion toward others. Keala's generous spirit truly launched me into a new life phase. I am so very grateful.

- Shirley Bell, Ph.D.
Sonoma, CA.

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